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Learn to design and run profitable campaigns on daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial for your business.
You finally got in touch with the a deals rep at Groupon.
He tells you that you should discount your offer more if you really want to have a chance at making more sales. So you agree.
Your deal launches. People start buying.
When the dust settles, youve lost money. WHAT??
According to a recent Harvard Business School report on daily deals, up to 80% of restaurants, bars, and retailers who have ran daily deal campaigns with Groupon WOULD NOT run another one!
Why not? They just dont make money. In fact, most of them lose money.
But it doesnt have to be that way. It shouldnt be that way.
Your business can be among the 20% that MAKES money rather than LOSE money when running a deal on Groupon.
If youre a business owner thinking about running a daily deal on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, but arent sure if youre doing it right, then this course is for you.
By taking my course, Ill show you exactly how to craft a profitable deal campaign from the very start.
As a business owner, Ive wrestled with the same problems.
The first deal I ran was a total bust on LivingSocial--barely made any sales, and it cost me $$$ for every deal sold.
Then I made friends with folks who worked at LivingSocial and Groupon and got inside information on why some deals make money and why most do not.
So I ran a smarter second deal, this time with Groupon and it did better....I just did better than breaking even.
So I learned some more and ran a third and fourth deal, but with AmazonLocal that did over $100K in total purchases!
Since then, Ive helped business owners of restaurants, yoga studios, food festivals, online retailers, and even solopreneurs (think photographers) to both DESIGN and EXECUTE successful daily deals.
Learn to avoid my early mistakes and how to craft home run deals for your business.
And because not all businesses are created equal, the deals have to FIT the business type.
Do your run any of these types of businesses?
Restaurant or hospitality business
Capacity based business - e.g. yoga studio, dance studio, martial arts, etc...
Appointment based service - e.g. photographer, masseuse, make-up artist, etc...
Ticket based event - e.g. food festival, concert, workshops, other date specific, ticket based events?
Physical product or retailer
Digital product or service
Learn what it takes to really get the MOST out of your daily deal promotions.
Youll also get my Groupon Deal Calculator, and with it youll be able to see:
How many do you need to sell to break even?
What is the minimum youd need to sell to make X profit dollars?
How changing any of your assumptions could affect your sales or profits from the deal?
What happens when you change your discount price?
What happens if your cost changes?
What happens if the percentage of customers who return changes?
What is the lifetime value of a new customer?
HOW often do you need a new customer to come back for you to MAKE back your investment?
And well show you in detail with very specific examples using our very own Daily Deal Calculator.
DO take this course if you:
Been thinking about running a daily deal but dont know where to start
Want to ensure youre crafting a deal that SUITS your business and objectives
Be able to get the MOST out of your daily deal campaign
Avoid the mistakes many businesses make with daily deals.
By taking this course, you will KNOW EXACTLY how to design and execute on a successful daily deal campaign for your business.
What are the requirements?
Have Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher
What am I going to get from this course?
Understand the drivers of successful daily deal campaigns
Craft daily deals that suit your business type and goals
Understand how to properly track and monitor results
Learn pro tips to minimize potential losses
Use the Daily Deal Calculator to design your own daily deal
How to learn from your competitors deals
What is the target audience?
Any business owner or manager considering running a daily deal campaign
Anyone who wants to learn how and when a daily deal helps or hurts a business
Anyone who wants to have a daily deal calculator to determine the viability of a potential campaign


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