Color solutions basiccolor display v4.1.9

Color solutions basiccolor display v4.1.9Скрины Color solutions basiccolor display v4.1.9:

Программа для калибровки мониторов всех типов (CRT, LCD, Notebooks)
- Software for calibrating and profiling all kinds of monitors (CRT, LCD, Notebooks) and projectors
- fully automatic hardware calibration for suited monitors
- visually linear L- calibration, Gamma calibration and
- NEW: true sRGB calibration curve for web design and video
- NEW: ease of use with predefined calibration and profiling set- tings (ISO 3664 and ISO 12646, Office, PrePress, Photography,
Video, WebDesign)
- NEW: possibility of defining calibration parameters not only for
white luminance but also for black luminance and/or contrast
- supports all instruments of adequate quality (colorimeter and
- v2 or v4 profiles, 16-bit LUT-based or matrix profiles
- visual and numerical validation of calibration and profiling results
- NEW: possibility of editing white point and gradation and saving
the edited calibration into the profile
- NEW: possibility of measuring and assessing ambient light and
viewing booths (with suited instruments) according to ISO 3664 and ISO 12646
- calibrates and profiles multiple monitors
Операционная система: Windows® 2003/2000/XP/Vista
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